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Additional - more, extra
Advocate - support a cause
Affiliation - a close connection to a group
Alimony - money that a person is ordered to pay to a former spouse after divorce
Alternative sentencing - sending a person convicted of a crime to a place other than a prison
Bear arms - to own or use guns, firearms, or other such weapons
Civilian - a person who is not a member of the military
Claim - to say something
Club - group of people who meet and do an activity
Communist - a system where the government owns all property and there are no social classes
Concentration camp - a prison where people who aren't soldiers are kept in bad conditions during war
Confine - to keep someone in a closed space
Convicted - Determination that someone is guilty
Crime - break the law
Declare - to state in an official way
Deportation - Forcing a person to leave a country by the government
Desert - to leave something behind, such as leaving the military without permission
Detain - to hold someone in a prison or some other place
Disposition - final settlement of a matter with reference to decisions announced by court
Draft - to be put in the military of a country for a short time
Election - choosing someone for public choice by voting
Exclusion - someone is prevented from being part of something or coming into a country
Exemption - freedom from being required to do something
Explanation - a statement that makes something easier to understand
Fail - to not succeed or not to do something
File - to give something (such as taxes), to someone or somewhere where it can be dealt with
Foundation - an organization that is supported by donated money to help society
Fund - an amount of money for a special purpose
Gambling - betting or risking money in a game
Genocide - mass murder
Habitual drunkard - a person who gets drunk often
Lawful permanent resident - a person who has been given indefinite legal residence in the U.S.
Legally incompetent - declared by law not able to make decisions or appear in court due to a mental disability
Mental institution - a hospital for people who are mentally incompetent
Mislead - to make someone believe something that is not true
Misleading information - Giving wrong information intentionally
Narcotic - a drug that affects the brain and is regulated by the government
Nazi - German government from 1933 - 1945
Noncombatant services - to serve in the military but not to fight, like cooking or building
Nonresident - a person who does not live in a certain country, state, or city
Oath - a promise
Oath of allegiance - A promise made to be loyal to a country
Offense - a criminal or illegal act
Organization - a company or business
Outcome - result, something that happens because of an action
Overdue - not given at the required time
Overthrow - to remove authority through force
Owe - to need to give something to someone
Paramilitary - a group that is not an official army but acts like one
Parole - letting someone out of prison early
Party - group of people with similar beliefs
Pending - Waiting for an action or decision
Persecute - to punish someone because of their race or religion
Probation - the time when a person convicted of a crime can stay out of prison if he or she has good behavior and does not commit another crime
Prostitution - the exchange of sex for money
Register - to put your name on a list to record something
Rehabilitative - a program for bringing someone back to good health
Relief - the removal of something bad or unpleasant
Require - to need something
Rescission - cancellation of a law, order or agreement
Selective service - a system of calling up people for required military system
Smuggle - to move something from one country to another illegally
Society - similar to a club; group of people who meet because of common interests
Suspended sentence - when a judge cancels the prison term of a convicted person so they can do
Tax return - a yearly report of your taxes
Terrorist - a person or group who uses violent acts to scare people and achieve a political goal
Title of nobility - being of a higher class or having rights compared to regular citizens, like a king
Totalitarian - government where the people are controlled by complete power
Transit camp - a place for refugees to stay for a period of time
Vigilante - a person who is not a police officer but catches and punishes criminals
Vote - to make an official choice for or against someone or something

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